Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nixon, You Got Served!

The Horn family has beat us to posting a video of their baby Nixon almost crawling! I have to admit I was waiting to give my baby a bath before I recorded her on the move so she didn't look like a hobo baby. Elliott has almost mastered crawling. She realizes rolling is sometimes a faster getaway from an older sister and admits that it is not her strength. Since Elliott does not have the need of a fast escape, she has practiced rolling but is focusing on learning to crawl. Let's do this Nixon!!! (check out the competition at

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Blog is Up!

We're workin' it out and getting this blog done! We have spent the whole week crossing things off of our "To Do" list and we decided to cross this one off too! We will try to keep it updated with new entries and pics but we're not planning on going nuts and posting like two or three times a day... Rachel doesn't like anything I write... Or how i lay it out... In your face Rasmussen's and Horn's! Let the blog off begin...
Here's Elliott trying on her Halloween costume.