Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

Finally, Little Brother gets married. Here are a few pics from the day's events.

Annual Camping at San Clamente!!!

Ok, camping at the beach is not exactly my favorite thing to do. 
But, I do love watching Elliott have so much fun!
It was mostly cold and drizzling the entire week this year. No all.

Elliott and Nixon get tricky!!!

4th of July!!!

We had so much fun! We watched the fireworks at Upland High from the Upland Stake Center. Ran into some good friends and had some good fun! And it was coooold!

Here's Elliott with "Baby Tucker"

Elliott with her BFF Leilani

Me and Lizeth! What What?!

I look so cool in my glasses!

Happy Sad Birthday, Elliott

So...I'm a horrible mom. I didn't bother with my daughter's 2-year birthday. There was waaaay too much going on that took up her birthday month. How sad that it was other people's birthdays, a baby blessing, things that probably weren't as important but took up my time. Anyways, Elliott's Aunt Candice and Uncle Trevor took her to Build-A-Bear where she got to pick her own animal and "build" it. She had lots of fun! Thanks Candice and Trevor for doing something really fun for Elliott for her birthday!