Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Today is Kevin's birthday, happy birthday Kev! He went to fly in a wind tunnel. It was awesome. There was this skinny guy there whose cheeks were flapping everywhere and it looked like his arms would snap any second whenever he flew. So hilarious, we all laughed hysterically whenever he went in the tunnel. Anywho, Kevin looked like a pro, flappy face and all.

4th of July

We had fantastic 4th of July! We traveled up to Grandma Anne's house in Newman and spent the weekend swimming and relaxing with relatives. So much fun!!!

Family pic at the Gustine 4th of July parade.

Don't let this picture of fun fool you, this was the worst parade we've ever been to.

Poor kid, she just doesn't know how bad it really was.

Grandma Roxanne and Elliott waiting for the fireworks.

Took to the water like a fish, she loved it!

Wonder who she got that sweet hair from?
Fireworks are amazing!