Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So what if it took 3 years!!!

  This is in fact a Christmas miracle. I've been working on these stockings for 3 years now. Obviously not non-stop otherwise I would have been done along time ago.

 You can check out my sister, Katherine's, stockings here.

The Best Thanksgiving Birthday Ever!

Patrick's birthday is November 23 and sometimes lands on Thanksgiving. This year it didn't but we usually celebrate it when we have Thanksgiving because it's easier. He requested a turkey pinata. I couldn't find a turkey so Pikachu had to do. It was the funnest Thanksgiving ever! I was laughing so hard when the kids were swinging away at the Pikachu pinata. My bro Michael was the pinata operator and occasionally hit some of the kids in the head. It was so funny! I'm pretty sure we're going to have a pinata every Thanksgiving for Pat's birthday from now on. Not only was it fun for the kids to hit, but they don't really care for the pies so they had candy to snack on. I highly recommend it to add excitement to any holiday!

We also got some handstands in for Uncle Kevin...Go Megan!

 She's also good at balancing cups on her head.

Mini Me

Elliott is such a mini me. I loved to bake in the kitchen  when I was little and still do. She is always willing to help...which means eat what's in the bowl or throw ingredients around. She did scarf down a lot of the graham cracker crust she was working on. I had to move the bowl to the other side of the counter cause she wouldn't keep her grabby hands out. She helped me make Patrick's pumpkin pie birthday cheesecake. And she looked mighty cute in the apron my mom made for her, I might add. Once again, just like me, adorable in aprons. Haha!

Pretend City, here we come!

We went with my sister Amber to Pretend City. Lots of fun for kids...not so much for adults. We pretty much walked around making sure the kids didn't get into any trouble. Elliott had a lot of fun, though. And I think Pat did too. I'm glad I paid $11 for him to hang out with us for an hour and then go sleep in Amber's car. Oh well, that's what happens when you work the night shift and think you're a party animal!

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

I LOVE Halloween! Mostly I love Halloween decorations...and candy. We went to a pumpkin patch and Elliott called it a "Pumpkin Party" because there were big slides and a few rides there. She was brave and went down the giant slide by herself 3 times! The fourth time she chickened out and came back down. So we picked out our pumpkins, Elliott threw a fit on the way home because she had to leave the pumpkin party, 
and we went home and carved our pumpkins.

 Right when Elliott landed at the bottom of the slide she said, "I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay." She was a little freaked out, it was so funny!

Elliott is obsessed with the Power Puff Girls right now. Appropriately, I'm Blossom, Elliott is Buttercup, and Patrick is our arch nemesis Mojo Jojo.

Here's my Halloween craft! Thanks Megan Wolfe for posting this link on FB.
 Ghostly hand prints, some of them ended up with 6 fingers and side ponytails. We all spent Halloween at my mom's and had LOTS of fun!

 Comparing preggy bellies!

Happy Halloween!!!