Monday, December 28, 2009


One day I put Elliott in the shower and went to finish loading the dishwasher. I went back to check on her and she was gone! I checked all the back rooms of the house, called her name several times couldn't find her. After a few seconds of panic I saw the trail she had left from her escape and found her doing her favorite thing...watching T.V. with her accomplices hippo and turtle in hand.

Mommy's Little Helper

Elliott loves to help with chores around the house. She always helps Grandma Debbie with dishes. And if she's taught me anything it's that you can always look your best while cleaning...notice the fancy shoes. She is a mini-Wonderwoman!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

There's No Place Like Home...

Trick-or-treating with Mommy and Daddy around the neighborhood as Dorothy.

Enjoying some candy, with her little dog too.

Pre-trick-or-treating prep, testing poisoness apples and taking pictures next to pumpkins for Mommy's sake.
"I don't think it's poisoness, I've had like 10 bites and nothing's happened."
This is Elliott's first apple. After this she wanted one everyday for the next 3 weeks.

"Now will you try some Tucker?"

Hulk Smash!!!

Don't make me angry!...Elliott as the Hulk for a Halloween party.