Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At the Races

It's a miracle! We're updating our blog! So Pat and I went to a race with his family...who in their right mind would really get a rush out of watching a bunch of cars go around in a circle 50 times? Lame. My allergies kicked in, the air smelled of rubber and exhaust, my butt hurt from sitting so long, and it kinda made me dizzy watching those cars go in a circle. So suck it races! The only exciting part was waiting for cars to crash. Patrick and I passed the time by playing scrabble on his phone. He won.

Pat got hungry. Stupid cars, they just drove right into his mouth.

Us trying to look excited to be there.

Look at this Pat-sized car! It got jacked so they just picked it up and carried it away.
Sometimes I just carry Pat around in my pocket cause it's easier.