Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally, the real Christmas!

We love Christmas Eve at Katherine's, especially eating the frosting for the gingerbread men!

Me and my sisters put together these silhouettes of all the grandkids for my mom's present. It turned out so cute!

Brent and JC brought their dog over on Christmas, Elliott was entertained all morning chasing Ponchito around. (The video wouldn't upload, but its soooo cute!)

Temple Lights

We went with my mom to see the lights at the L.A. temple. There's a nativity scene there with some animals in it and when Elliott saw it she started yelling, "Sheep! Sheep!" But her version of the word sheep sounds more like she's cussing. So there was alot of people there witnessing my child cussing at baby Jesus.
We ran into Fawn, Jeff, and Sydney!

I swear I don't give drugs to my child.

A Chick Fil-A Christmas

I'm not gonna lie, I was afraid of that Christmas cow too.

Little model Braedyn, Amber has trained her well.

Nixon and Elliott

Christmas with Grandpa Erroll

The whole family, where's my matching pajamas?!

Stephen makes the best faces!
Elliott doing her favorite thing, sucking her thumb and playing with her hair.

The girls monkeying around.