Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

I LOVE Halloween! Mostly I love Halloween decorations...and candy. We went to a pumpkin patch and Elliott called it a "Pumpkin Party" because there were big slides and a few rides there. She was brave and went down the giant slide by herself 3 times! The fourth time she chickened out and came back down. So we picked out our pumpkins, Elliott threw a fit on the way home because she had to leave the pumpkin party, 
and we went home and carved our pumpkins.

 Right when Elliott landed at the bottom of the slide she said, "I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay." She was a little freaked out, it was so funny!

Elliott is obsessed with the Power Puff Girls right now. Appropriately, I'm Blossom, Elliott is Buttercup, and Patrick is our arch nemesis Mojo Jojo.

Here's my Halloween craft! Thanks Megan Wolfe for posting this link on FB.
 Ghostly hand prints, some of them ended up with 6 fingers and side ponytails. We all spent Halloween at my mom's and had LOTS of fun!

 Comparing preggy bellies!

Happy Halloween!!!

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