Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Fairy Fun Halloween!

Elliott's first Halloween was spooktacular! She went to a church Halloween party where she met up with her friend Ashlyn (the cutest chicken we've ever seen!). Elliott looked cute all day in her pre-costume outfit, had fun with family, and tried to eat some candy. Next year we'll go trick-or-treating!


Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

DUDE!! ELIOTT CAN ALMOST CRAWL!! I was so excited about posting a video of Ashlyn balancing on her hands and knees, but Ell can pop herself up so fast!! That is sooo awesome! She is such a fast learner! By the way, I totally want to learn sometime how to made that costume... I wish I was that talented! Between you and Jodi, I'm at a loss for words and stand in awe of your greatness-es! :) See you at the dance party Friday! BE THERE!

Rachel said...

Look at you...bloggers....gotta love it. Cute blog...and fun pictures. :)

Jodi Jean said...

she was the cutest little fairy i've EVER seen!