Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet My Brother Kevin

This is my amazing brother Kevin. Isn't he handsome? Not only is he good looking but he is a jack of all trades. Check out this cool pond he built in my mom's backyard. He loves the Discovery channel, mexican food, and his dog Nikki. He has not cut his hair since our brother Michael left on his mission and doesn't plan on cutting it until he gets home. Yes, he is truly amazing. An amazing man with beautiful hair! So if anyone knows a beautiful girl, who is an active member of the church and can take McGowen family humor, then let me know...he also does baby modeling on the side.

Kevin's turtle


Rachel said...

That is awesome how you posted an add for your brother! I totally thought of doing that for one of my brothers, even though I know he would probably kill me if I did it. Let me know if you have any luck finding a woman for your bro. If it turns out good, I’ll have to give this add thing a whorl. PS: That pond is awesome!

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

Oh man! I LOVE Elliott's facial expression for her 6th month picture!!! It's so perfect with her outfit. I swear she's break dancing of something! Her 7th month picture is adorable!

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

Dude... update your blog already!!!