Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Hoot"er Hiders

A mommy must-have when nursing! Here are a couple I made recently for some new mommies. Patrick suggested the owls, so I found special owl fabric to match each of the new mommy's personalities.

 This one I made for my sis-in-law Candice. She reminds me of bright fun colors like these materials. While I was sewing it the leaves were reminding me of pot leaves (short 1 leaf, though) 
and the big-eyed owls do look a little hopped up!
This next one I made for a friend at work who wasn't going to find out what she was having. I wanted the owls on the outside because they are so cute! But the fabric was very boyish. I was afraid she might have a girl so to play it safe I put the owls on the inside. Turns out her sonogram tech ruined the surprise and she's having a boy! So I offered to switch it so the owls were on the outside and she said, "No way!". She wanted her baby boy to be able to peek at the owls while nursing. Glad she loved it!

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April and Jason said...

LOVE those! And I love the owls!!! TOo cute! Next time I have a baby, I will have to buy one from ya!