Monday, January 17, 2011

Get it out!!!

 I'm so done being pregnant! Totally not enjoying it the same way I did with Elliott. First of all, my doctor always tells me I'm too fat. Duh! I'm idiot. Of course I'm too fat. Here's a short list of things I hate about being pregnant: I feel like I can't breathe, it hurts to do ANYTHING (walking, sleeping, sitting, etc.), I'm so hormonal and get stressed easily, swollen feet, kids at work using my stomach as an example of the word "enormous", watching shows about overweight people losing a ton of weight while I keep gaining weight, people suggesting baby names. Ok, I'll stop there.

Pros of being pregnant: I still look cute.

Me and Amber at Christmas time. I'm due February 16 (having a girl), she's due February 7th (having a boy). No, we didn't plan it.

Me and Elliott before church on Sunday, January 16. She thinks it's so funny when she gets to sit on sister and I bounce her on my belly.

I am excited to get this baby out, the sooner the better at this point. I'm excited to see what she'll look like, and for Elliott to have a sister. Maybe then she'll stay in her own bed at night.

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