Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally telling my experience with Crohn's

Hey everyone, it's me Pat, I know your like: "What!?!? This is Rachel's blog! get off!" I dont post on here often but I have been meaning to do this for a long time.Ok so I feel bad cuz I pretty much hijacked my friends post on FaceBook to share a quick personal experience and recommend a product that I buy and use personally. So I want to do it right and tell my story here. Here it goes...

A few years back I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It took over a year, an unnecessary surgury, a plethora of the most humiliating tests and jumping from doctor to doctor due to insurance changes. A doctor finally confirmed it I had Crohn's disease. FYI: Crohn's disease is a chronic illness with no cure read more here, but be warned there are picturs and they are gross.

It is basically an auto-immune disorder attacking your colon and digestive system. Think of it as IBS on crack. Common symptoms are abdominal pain, painful and frequent bowel movements, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, and it can lead to cancer.

My first specialist put me on a steroid I forget what its called, but it had a huge list of side effects like psychotic episodes and schizophrenia. I took the pills hoping to avoid these effects and it did ok with relieving my symptoms. I was fortunate that a friend spoke up and told me about the possibility of treating my disease with Omega 3 pills. He told me about K48 Plus a highly concentrated Omega 3 sourced from krill. I know you think of Finding Nemo right...

I began taking the pills and I noticed a difference in my energy level and mood first. Then I stopped taking my steroid pills and my symptoms did not return. I now have no major symptoms and I don't have to worry about side effects other than feeling better and sleeping better. My doctor did not tell me about this! Though to no fault of his own as the studies on Omega 3 are new and are still underway on the many benefits they have for our bodies. It has shown significant benefits for people with all kinds of chronic diseases and common ailments.

For more info PLEASE click here

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my experience, this was just a quick telling and there is much more to it. If you want to buy a bottle and try it for yourself please let me know. I became a distributor because I believe in this product so much. Again ask me anything about my experience or the pills. Seriously, I am an open book on this topic, ask me anything. Fire away, haha.

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